Theanine and Caffeine for Gaming

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Caffeine & Gaming

Most gamers have a love/hate relationship with caffeine. On the one hand it can provide intense focus, energy, and a nice mental boost. On the other hand caffeine can give you jitters, anxiety, and headaches. Consistent use of caffeine has been shown to cause chronic fatigue syndrome. You’ll know you have chronic fatigue syndrome when you get 10+ hours of sleep and still feel like a zombie the next morning.

Luckily science has discovered that combining theanine and caffeine together will let you take caffeine on a daily basis and avoid all of the negative side effects caused by taking caffeine alone. Because health is so important to gamers, this is great news!


Theanine is a heavily researched ingredient that will help promote relaxation, significantly help with sleep, relieve stress, and boost mental alertness and concentration.

Theanine is a common amino acid found mainly in green tea. It is partially responsible for the mental boost associated with drinking green tea. It has numerous neurotransmitters, causing a calming effect that significantly helps counter the negative side effects from caffeine which is also found in green tea. It has a synergistic effect with caffeine to promote concentration and increase reaction time. It is known in the nootropic world as the “alert calmness”


Theanine & Caffeine

Combined, these two ingredients bring you a clean, calm, and intense focus that is unparalleled by any other energy drink or energy shot combination. In fact, this combination is commonly taken as an alternative to ADHD medication with great success.

This combo is known to increase alpha brain waves which have been shown to help you become a better gamer and dominant the playing field. During an intense tournament you are required to be your best and this combo will take you there!

Green Tea or Supplementation?

Drinking green tea has many benefits but to get the focus needed for an intense gaming session you would have to drink a lot. Also, all tea is not created equally. You would have to find a high quality teal and even then it might not have enough theanine to make a huge difference. Second, you would have to brew the tea correctly which takes time and energy that could be spent taking out hoards of minions.

When supplementing with caffeine and theanine it can save time and money and you always know you have the correct dose, giving the supplement a huge advantage over drinking green tea.

Jordan Knight is the vice president of eSports at Stimpack. He loves competitive gaming and helping competitors reach their peak performance. He remains committed to the community and has had success both in-game and outside of gaming.

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