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The Ever Evolving Stimpack

You’re hurt. Not only are you down to your last bar of health, enemies are fast approaching. You need help, but there’s no such thing as a medic in this battle. You’re on your own. But what’s this? A package with a medical cross just lying on the floor? It’s a stimpack! You’re saved!

You quickly grab the package and apply the contents (no questions asked), effectively healing at least 10% of your health back. The battle continues, you scream the war cry of your people (for Demacia!), and after one final push, you survive by quite literally the skin on your teeth. And it’s all thanks to that blessed stimpack.

Stimpacks have been around at least since the very first DOOM game was released back in 1993. During that era, the stimpack was just a small, white box accented by a red medical cross. They restored health, making it possible to come back from the verge of death and live to fight another day.

Stimpacks weren’t doomed to stay in the world of DOOM, however. In 1997, the first of the Fallout series was released, and with it, glorious, updated stimpacks! These versions of the magical heal-all changed from a mysterious white box into a dangerous-looking syringe. It certainly doesn’t look like it can be trusted to heal you, but hey, it’s Fallout. You’re pretty much constantly dying anyway, so you might as well inject yourself with a sickly serum. Whatever works. This type of stimpack remained the same throughout all the Fallout games, up to Fallout 4 in November, 2015.

StarCraft also had stimpacks much like those from Fallout, however they played a somewhat different role. Instead of healing your units, stimpacks in StarCraft actually deplete your unit’s health by 10 or 20 HP, depending on the unit using it. If it were just to deplete life, these stimpacks would be useless. As it stands, in addition to sucking health, it also grants your unit extra speed and an increased fire rate. You could say these stimpacks help focus your troops, giving you that much-needed edge in the heat of battle. A must-have for any Terran marine! Ooh rah!

Similar in use to stimpacks in StarCraft, Warhammer 40,000 are also injected via needle. These stimpacks offer combat bonuses to the recipient, including reduced damage and increased melee damage output. Certainly, having some of this around is much needed in a fight. As we can plainly discern, having the proper focus during battle is a common theme in games.

Since we’re talking about stimpacks that grant abilities, let’s check out Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike. This 2014 game lets you have all sorts of stimpacks, each doing different things! These stimpacks grant health and combat bonuses, extra speed, vigilance, vigor, and more. Rogue Shooter definitely shows how stimpacks are meant to be used – as a supplement that gives you all the perks you need to get through a crowded room of baddies.

Stimpack, Meet eSports

As illustrated by the examples above, what we have here are stimpack energy supplements in various forms. Most heal, and some give your unit or character focus, speed, and special perks to get the job done effectively. After all, as technology increases, so should our ability to tap into our brain’s greater potential. Stimpack energy supplements can help do that.

Through the ages, stimpacks have come in a couple different forms: mysterious boxes and creepy needles. But they haven’t stopped there. Since then, stimpacks have evolved even further, making the leap from video games to real life. And, if you’re not a huge fan of opening a suspicious box or injecting yourself with a hopefully-sterile needle while on the run, you’re going to love the new, practical design…

The stimpack energy supplement in capsule form! Easy to take (even on the run), and a much healthier alternative than energy drinks. And yes, it even works – and exists – in real life.

Stimpacks have been used for decades by gamers, just not in a way to help them out physically. Sure, it helps their character stay alive and fight more ferociously, but the gamer himself could certainly use a boost and some added focus now and then, right?


Professional gamers put in a lot of sleepless hours into honing their craft, and you’re right up there with them. There’s no time for being tired, so energy drinks give you that much-needed jolt to get you through the next few rounds…until the buzz wears off and you’ve got one of the biggest caffeine hangovers ever.

Energy drinks aren’t exactly the healthiest option out there. The huge amounts of caffeine give you a buzz all right, but then comes the amazing crash. And what’s your cure for that? Another energy drink. Sure it keeps you going, but it certainly isn’t healthy, and there is a better option.

Our Stimpack energy supplement is formulated to give you the energy you need while playing – without the devastating crash that usually follows energy drinks and sugary soda. As the name suggest, this supplement is just that: an extra dose of focus and energy, without the harmful side effects.

Sharper Focus, Better Play, More Wins

Let’s be real. Energy supplements are crucial to a good gaming session, and without them, extreme focus might be hard to come by. But as previously noted, many sports drinks and other supplements have harmful side effects, ones that could kill your focus at the wrong time.

That’s where we come in. With our unique blend of ingredients, gamers will be at their peak during the most crucial parts of their game. Whether you’re in the middle of a heated team battle or it’s just you versus the world, your focus could very well be the deciding factor of whether you win or get ganked.

What’s more, professional eSport gamers have admitted to using Adderall during competitions to give them a leg up. This, of course, is against the rules and can get you disqualified from events. It’s obvious that even the pros are looking for something more than just energy drinks. With our Stimpack energy supplement, you get the best of everything in a legal, safe capsule that’s loads healthier than that energy drink in your mini fridge.

Stimpack Energy is committed to helping you up your game in a safe, effective manner. Just one capsule takes effect quickly and lasts for many hours. When it comes to being the very best, a clear mind and a steady hand are your key to victory, and these little capsules will help you achieve exactly that.

Key Ingredients

How is it so effective, you ask? Well, just like energy drinks, caffeine is used to help boost your mental game, keeping you alert. Caffeine, however, can have unwanted side effects, such as jitters and anxiety. That’s why we’ve included other key ingredients that enhance caffeine’s abilities in such a way that leaves you calm, composed, and more focused than you may have thought possible.

Theobromine is a large contributor to this. Theobromine helps dilate the blood vessels, thus making it easier for them to travel around your body. This is especially important in providing blood and oxygen to your brain, helping you focus and work at higher intensities. Since quick reaction time is crucial in eSports, having that extra oxygen up there can really give you that extra edge.

Working in tandem with caffeine, theobromine helps eliminate the unwanted side effects those energy drinks are ripe with. With our Stimpack energy supplement, we do away with those negative effects. So say goodbye to jitters, anxiety, and hardcore crashes when the caffeine runs out of your system!

Theanine is also part of Stimpack energy supplement’s winning combo. Theanine is an amino acid known to be used in the treatment of ADHD. This means Stimpack will help you get in the zone and focus at a level difficult to achieve with just caffeine. Which, by the way, is a very effective companion with theanine. When the two team up, you are able to reach a new level of peak performance, giving you unprecedented focus and energy you just can’t get with your favorite energy drink. This compliment of caffeine with theanine is most likely the most popular legal nootropic out there. Still skeptical? See what Google has to say (Google knows all).

Game On!

Just like the stimpacks found in various video games, our Stimpack energy supplement is here to help you win by granting you abilities that even the characters you control in-game would pine after. Designed to give you even more than your energy drinks provide, these small capsules certainly pack a punch – without the unnecessary brain-lag when it all runs dry.

Sure, it may not grant you 10% extra health right before you die (if you’re that hard up, might we suggest a doctor…or the ER?), but it will certainly help you hone your focus and increase your brain function. So the next time fierce competition approaches, take a Stimpack energy supplement and those n00bs won’t know what hit them!