PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royale - How They Measure Up

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I just spent a few hours playing Fortnite’s battle royal mode in an attempt to compare PUBG vs Fortnite Battle Royal. I love PUBG and I wanted to hate Fortnite. I wanted to call it a copycat piece of garbage. That all went out the window in my first match. This is an entirely different game with a very attractive game flow that will certainly carve out a niche for itself. Let’s get started with how the two titles are similar.

The Similarities of PUBG vs Fortnite


Fortnite copies a lot of the things that work for PUBG. You ride in on a flying bus instead of an airplane, but the premise of the game is exactly the same. Drop into an uninhabited island with guns and fight until you’re the last survivor. You can drop in alone or bring some friends, either with squad or duo options. The game also features a very similar death circle mechanic to push players together and speed up the game. They even copied the floating compass that helps teams locate targets. These features have made PUBG the most popular game on twitch for good reason. The buildup of late-game PUBG is unrivaled but Fortnite gets pretty darn close.

The Differences of PUBG vs Fortnite


While the mechanics are very similar, the actual gameplay and game flow are what separate these titles. Fortnite's map is much smaller, this causes more engagements and a lot less hide and seek. Slow tactical gameplay is almost impossible in Fortnite as everything you do makes a tremendous amount of noise. Tactical gameplay is a core element of PUBG which can be exciting but also very boring (guys waiting in bathtubs for 10 minutes in the center of the circle.) Fortnite also has a tactical element with buildings but it is so vastly different from PUBG that it changes the entire flavor of the game. Instead of waiting for the circle and scanning the pushed areas in PUBG, you can build a fortress and traps to defend your position in Fortnite. It’s much easier to see enemies in Fortnite as the characters are cartoony and stand out against the bright green grassy hills.

My Verdict of PUBG vs Fortnite

I think both games have tremendous value and I will likely spend lots of time playing both. If I had to choose one It would be PUBG. While Fortnite is pretty fun, the end game drama that PUBG creates is unmatched in my opinion. If you want to catch a game with me my tag is JVK27 and I’d love to learn all the tricks you have.

Jordan Knight is the vice president of eSports at Stimpack. He loves competitive gaming and helping competitors reach their peak performance. He remains committed to the community and has had success both in-game and outside of gaming.

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